Collection Gallery, USA



Huge and beautiful badge from the superior American car factory Dusenberg.

The high quality badge is made in England.

The picture is from a race in 1910 showing a Buick. The racedrivers are wearing badges but its impossible to see them clearly. Probably a Buick badge and a race badge.

Detroit in Copenhagen and Stockholm

Foto from the factory in Copenhagen where  the  Fords for most of Europe where assembled in the 1920ties.  The Ford worker has the plant-badge on the chest.

The Badges from Stockholm have 2 different shapes at the top. Number 20 was used for a leader among the workers.

The badge with number 13 is the flat type. Most of the later badges have no name on the back side but this early flat type is produced by W O Lewis, Badges, Ltd in Birmingham. This exact badge looks unused probably because of the number. Nobody wanted to use number 13 due to superstition.

This extremly rear Ford badge you can se in full size in the French gallery.

Its from the cooperation between the French carproducer Mathis and Ford.

The badge is from the factory in Strasbourg.