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Resently sold items


On rare ocations you can find special car lapel badges in auctions like e-bay. To give an idea of the price level for old and fine badges the folowing list is included. If you enter the sale-number in e-bays search-space on you will get the decription and price on each badge.

Badge E-bay number auction price


Adler Broche 140531847365 3.466,78 Euro


Daimler Broche 170633610511 2.354,00 Euro


Dixi Broche Weiss 351035 166874 1.626,19 Euro


Horch Broche 201043379240 2.060,00 Euro


Mercedes Daimler 201043382711 858,69 Euro


AGA Automobile 351010778426 402,00 Euro


NSU 201043383190 358,69 Euro


Faun small badge 351006083071 245,88 Euro


Rabag Bugatti 351040655887 2.490,00 Euro


Komnik 251480552205 1.199,99 Euro