Payment and shipment




It is possible to pay cash on pickup, use transfer to bank account or to pay via paypall.


If you chose paypall I will charge 5% extra for the paypall cost.


You will get an email with the agreed amount for the agreed items including shipment from


In this email you will se the bank account number, IBAN, SWIFT or paypall account.


I will only send emails from this exact email: Please check!


The items will be sent as soon as I have the payment.







All the items you buy are due to payment in advance.


As soon as the payment is in our account I will pack and sent the items.


The buyer will within the payment be charged for the shipping.


It is possible to pay and pick up the items in Denmark.


You can choose to get the post/package insured. In this case you also have to sign when you receive the package. I will charge for the price of insurance.


If you as customer choose to have the shipment sent only as “signed for” without insurance you take over the risk and all tracing of missed shipment.


For big items I will charge extra for packing.